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Why not bring Kalahari to Celebrate North?

Date published: 10/10/2013

Why not bring Kalahari to Celebrate North?

Reading the paper recently, I discovered that Kalahari is building its new resort in the Poconos ["Kalahari turns its eyes to the Poconos," July 27, 2012].

It made me think about the Silver Cos. failed attempts to kick-start development in Celebrate Virginia North. It occurred to me that the Silver Cos. might want to look at a resort like Kalahari being built here on the closed Cannon Ridge golf course.

The property is at the end of a beautiful parkway that connects to U.S. 17 and directly to Interstate 95. A resort on the golf course property would be right on the river and a connection to Celebrate South could be made via a gondola system similar to one that was originally proposed.

This would encourage development in both Celebrate North and South. I believe this would be good for Stafford County and the city of Fredericksburg.

Frank Lambert