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Do your kids a favor: Vote for Erin Grampp

Date published: 10/10/2013

Do your kids a favor: Vote for Erin Grampp

I have known Erin Grampp and her family for many years. Her mother is a retired schoolteacher who was a positive influence on our children. Her father is a successful local businessman. Erin graduated from Courtland High School and the University of Mary Washington with a degree in economics. She operates her own business teaching children. In recent months I have had the pleasure of meeting with Erin. I'm impressed with her integrity, intelligence, and reputation.

I invite all voters of the Berkeley District to do the unexpected: On Nov. 5, invest 20 minutes and vote. A vote for Erin is an investment in the future of Spotsylvania children. She will bring to the School Board a "fresh approach to education."

By electing her we will have the opportunity to begin a new era in educational ideas and begin to change the representation from self-interest, self-importance, self-enrichment, and self-perpetuation to public service. Erin Grampp will be a strong advocate for just compensation for our teachers and valued staff, will support athletic programs, and will defend and protect public education.

Erin Grampp is endorsed by teachers and concerned residents, which is a testament to her wide appeal in our community.

The fate of this country will not be decided in the battlefield in some far away land, but will be determined in our classrooms. I'm convinced that residents and parents working together, moving from the sidelines into the classrooms, will support schools by electing high-quality ethical leaders like Erin Grampp. This will make a difference.

Ray J. Lora