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Stafford needs Setzer

Date published: 10/25/2013

Stafford needs Setzer

I am surprised how some of my friends who espouse ideals and practices that are traditionally identified with the Democratic Party can say they are comfortable voting for Meg Bohmke in the race for Falmouth Supervisor in Stafford County.

In the recent debate sponsored by the Stafford NAACP, Bohmke said she was disappointed that Virginia was considering Medicaid expansion. Medicaid would provide 400,000 low-wage workers with medical insurance.

The best candidate in the race is Valerie Setzer. She will help find solutions to our below average per-pupil funding that ensures fair living wages to school educators and other personnel; she will support critical nonprofit organizations rather than cutting funds which the Republicans have done; and she will push for open and honest government that seeks citizens' input.

Valerie is the Democratic candidate and has the recommendation of the Stafford Education Association political action committee. Voting for Valerie Setzer is the best option to bring balance and a new perspective to the Board of Supervisors.

Ernest Ackermann