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Why would anyone vote for this man?

Date published: 10/29/2013

Why would anyone vote for this man?

On a daily basis, the press reports the scandalous activities of Terry McAuliffe. Why would anyone who is unemployed want a governor who conned the jobless in Dan-ville and Mississippi into thinking they would have real opportunities in his Green Tech Auto?

Why would any investor want a governor who bilked money from Chinese investors in a visa swap?

What educator would want a governor who adjusted his campaign's educational platform to comply with the desires of a $50,000 private donor?

What woman would want a governor who advocates discarding the health and safety regulations on women's clinics that the General Assembly approved? And why would any worker in a Right to Work state want a governor who is under investigation for money laundering of teamsters' donations to the DNC?

We know enough about McAuliffe's past not to want him in our future. Let's vote for the man of character endorsed by Virginia business groups (Northern Virginia Technology Council's TechPAC and the National Federation of Independent Businessmen), the Virginia Farm Bureau, the Susan B. Anthony List, and the Policemen's Benevolent Association: Ken Cuccinelli.

Mary Weaver Mann