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Ken's 'war on women' has no basis in fact

Date published: 10/29/2013

Ken's 'war on women' has no basis in fact

I am a mother with a daughter and granddaughters and proudly support Ken Cuccinelli for governor.

He has been accused by false campaign ads of closing down abortion clinics; in fact, as dictated by law, he has simply required the clinics to have the same health standards as other outpatient surgical clinics.

He has always been a supporter of women's issues; as a student at the University of Virginia he began a program for a full-time sexual assault coordinator. It is shameful that the Democratic candidate accuses Cuccinelli of a war on women; this has no basis in fact.

We've known Cuccinelli for years; he is an honest, family-oriented, intelligent man who deserves our vote.

Rosa Lee Bogaev