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Time to replace Milde

Date published: 10/29/2013

Time to replace Milde

Paul Milde should not be re-elected. He has served the interests of tire companies, developers, and non-local investors and businessmen at the expense of Stafford County residents. He's misled the public while proposing initiatives that will significantly damage Stafford County.

He has sought to push measures through the Board of Supervisors in a way that precludes the public from knowing what he was doing, allowing controversial measures to become law that financially benefit only a few of his backers at the expense of residents.

He continues to champion building an incinerator at the Stafford landfill, despite knowing, and publicly denying, that there will be significant risks to Stafford by doing so. That plant would have forced residents to pay millions of dollars to subsidize a company that has never successfully built and operated such a plant before, using a technology that has never been successfully implemented. It would require importing and burning garbage and hundreds of thousands of pounds of tires from other jurisdictions while creating toxic waste that would affect our health, air, land, and water.

He champions unbridled growth that benefits non-local investors/developers, while requiring residents to subsidize that development.

We have had enough of Mr. Milde's rewarding campaign contributors, hiding the facts, and intentionally misleading Stafford. It is time to replace him.

Bill Johnson