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Battling the addiction of politics in Congress

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Date published: 10/30/2013


--It occurs to me that the scenario in D.C. is very much like an episode of "Breaking Bad."

First and foremost, we have the addicts, and their drug of choice is power. Be they liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, our representatives in Congress are overdosing on arrogance and hubris. There's Harry Reid, the Brigham Young of the Potomac who is inspired by God (or Obama, same difference) and knows that his way is the right one.

There's John Boehner, the indecisive Hamlet from Ohio who can't decide whether to satisfy the moderate old guard or yield to the aggressive young Tea Party Turks (jerks?) of his party. So he just retreats into a haze of whatever it is that he regularly smokes.

There is the president himself, pining for a date with Iran's new mullah while spurning the advances of the GOP. He definitely needs a little hit of ecstasy, poor thing.

There is Ted Cruz, proud citizen of Texas and Toronto who hangs out in his own personal Alamo with Davy Crockett and Dr. Seuss. The fellow has had a few too many at the D.C. Saloon.

There is Nancy Pelosi, desperately trying to become relevant again, while in the meantime fitting in a few Botox sessions. She's lucky it's not a controlled substance or the poor thing's face would be on the House floor.

These are the users and dopers and losers who look upon the rest of us as idiots, completely uncaring about the effect their habits have on their constituents. While some on the right and left are convinced that their people are the righteous ones, the truth is that every single member of Congress who is unwilling to look at the bigger picture and compromise--even a tiny bit--is akin to that addicted family member who takes and takes and doesn't care who he hurts in the process.

Then we have the people who create the drugs, the manufacturers who provide the supply that the users crave. Here is Heisenberg aka Aetna, Blue Cross, and their greedy colleagues.

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