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No more negativity: Vote Belman/Kitta

Date published: 10/30/2013

No more negativity: Vote Belman/Kitta

As a Falmouth resident, I am appalled at the negative campaign literature being distributed primarily by the Republican Party.

As a longtime conservative, I am finding that the party is cutting its own throat on the state level, and seeing attack ads from the sitting chairman of the Board of Supervisors is just disgusting. I was duped into voting for Ms. Stimpson the last go-round, and her negativity and obvious contempt for her constituency should have anyone running trying to distance themselves from her.

If anyone thinks this is all opinion, feel free to research some of her public comments (including Facebook). I have decided to go a different route this year: no party lines, just common sense and real leadership.

Robert Belman will be getting my vote for supervisor and Mark Kitta for School Board.

Philip Nichols