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Vote for Greg Cebula, a natural leader

Date published: 10/30/2013

Vote for Greg Cebula, a natural leader

I urge Berkeley residents to vote for Greg Cebula to serve on the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors.

In 2007, Greg gathered a group of residents interested in government effectiveness and created the "Citizens Budget Review Committee." I was a member from its inception. Greg, a natural leader, was elected its chairman.

With the cooperation of the Board of Supervisors, the committee held many meetings with different units within county government. Members learned about the goals of these units, how they spent funds, and where they believed services should be expanded or rolled back.

At the conclusion of the committee's mission, a report was submitted to the BoS containing recommendations for certain operational improvements.

In 2011, the Citizens Budget Review Committee was re-established by the supervisors, with Greg as chairman.

The knowledge Greg has gained from this experience qualifies him to be elected Berkeley County supervisor. He will ensure that taxes are used efficiently and that newly proposed government activities pass a rigorous public-needs test.

Charles C. Tuck