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We used to be a nation of laws; now

Date published: 11/19/2013

We used to be a nation of laws; now

A scofflaw is defined as one who ignores or flouts the law. But when President Obama disregards a bothersome law, he is a compassionate, effective leader.

He bowed to complaints and exempted big business, Congress, and White House staff from the Obamacare mandates with subsidies going to many well-paid advisers and aides. His own signature legislation is so poorly conceived, he must ignore key provisions for political expedience. Nancy Pelosi once proclaimed it the "law of the land," as if it was sacred.

If Obama, by presidential fiat, can ignore, exempt or alter the "law of the land," where will it stop? Maybe next he'll be exempting big donors from income taxes. So much for fairness and the rule of law.

Once, we were a nation of laws. No longer, it seems. If Obamacare is not good enough for the well connected, it's not good enough for the rest of us. George Orwell (in "Animal Farm") had it right: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

Once a leader starts ignoring inconvenient laws, the fetid odor of banana republic pervades the corridors of power. But nobody seems concerned, least of all our media sycophants.

James G. Ellis III