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Fifth-grade smarts needed--in Congress!

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Date published: 11/19/2013

Fifth-grade smarts needed--in Congress!

Are you smarter than your congressman?

I have watched the television show called "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" and I can say I am not. It amazes me what these young kids know, and I love it. However, it also amazes me what the people we elect to Congress pretend not to know.

They voted to shut the government down and then pretended not to know that the national parks were a part of it and were shocked that the parks were closed.

I believe that you should stand up for something you believe, but when you make a decision like that one, you should also be prepared to face the consequences for your choices.

The voters have a responsibility to look long and hard at these people before we vote to put them in a place of decision making that affects our lives, not theirs. They just keep double-talking, and we shake our heads and try to ignore what they are doing to the country.

These are the same people who decide about wars, and their actions gave government workers a 16-day paid vacation that cost billions.

We have men and women in harm's way, and they are looking at home and wondering how they got involved in such a crazy mess.

I think the best test for being a decision-making politician is to insist that they go on the game show and prove they are smarter than a fifth-grader before they can make decisions for the country. How many of them would make it to Congress or any other powerful job?

Janice Hockaday