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Attacks on Amrhine columns are misguided

Date published: 11/21/2013

Attacks on Amrhine columns are misguided

Before the attacks on Richard Amrhine begin for his recent column ["Quality of life in Spotsy sacrificed," Nov. 17], I would ask that those who would slam him as a dimwitted liberal take a breath and ask themselves this: If the "pro-business," "no-taxes," "limited government" mantra our tea party supervisors overwhelmingly embrace is true, why isn't Spotsylvania attracting high-paying businesses hand over fist?

Smart businesses know there's more to business than tax breaks. There are roads, amenities (parks, walkways, theater, arts, music, etc.), high-quality schools, proper fire and police staffing, libraries and many other quality-of-life issues that affect their decisions to launch a business in a given community. After all, they have to attract employees, and their families, to do the work.

Smart communities get this, and so does Mr. Amrhine. Our supervisors, lured by the purity--and largely naive--"principles" of Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and other tea party "luminaries," never will. Keep writing, Mr. Amrhine--you're not alone.

Martin Davis