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When government errs, whom do we fire?

Date published: 11/22/2013

When government errs, whom do we fire?

I read the Associated Press article titled "Is Obama's reversal a fix?" which was prominently placed on the front page of the Nov. 15 Free Lance-Star. This is your way of saying to your readers, "This is important! Read it!"

Well, neither of the writers, David Espo or Julie Pace, considered it important to tell the readers that the Obamacare disaster was completely avoidable.

Since the media, especially the national media, falsely reported that Republican intransigence caused the government shutdown, the AP writers are unlikely to point out that on Sept. 28, the House passed the House Joint Resolution 59 to delay the personal insurance mandate for Obamacare by one year to match the one-year delay applied to businesses.

The Democratic Senate quickly rejected this and was never blamed by the media for the hardheaded intransigence of its liberals. The Senate removed this delay that would have given the largely incompetent administration another year to figure out what to do.

Philosophically, using the government for any activity is problematic. If Anthem or Aetna or Mutual of Omaha screws up, its customers can leave the company in a few weeks and go to another. Within the company that screwed up, executives can be fired quickly and replaced with more competent executives. The government is much slower to correct its mistakes. There is no competing government to go to, just a long wait to replace it.

John Cross