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Program could help ease Spotsy Internet woes

Date published: 11/22/2013

My experience with Spotsylvania County's supervisors left me, along with Richard Amrhine ["Quality of life in Spotsy sacrificed," Nov. 17], questioning their judgment about how to promote the economic interests of their constituents.

My house in the county is just far enough away from a main road that I cannot get wired Internet service. Therefore no IT professional would want to locate there, because the only Internet available is by satellite, which is good only for entertainment purposes. Satel-lite does not have even a quarter of the power of wired service.

In Maryland, rural businesses take advantage of a federal government program that encourages small Internet providers to spend the extra money to wire rural areas. Verizon or Cox or other large monopolies that control Spotsylvania Internet will never go beyond the housing clusters where they make easy profits. But rural broadband means businesses would be able to locate in rural areas and still take advantage of high-capacity Internet. These businesses or high-earning IT workers who work at home would pay more in taxes, spend more all around and bring prosperity into the rural county.

I explained this to Timothy McLaughlin, supervisor for my area, who was not even interested.

If keeping a sizable portion of his constituents without the infrastructure of the modern age is his preference, they will never have money to pay for anything but second-rate government services.

Robert Thomas