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Dems: Don't ditch your support for Obamacare

Date published: 12/2/2013

Dems: Don't ditch your support for Obamacare

I am disturbed. No! I am more than disturbed. I am downright angry. And it takes quite a lot to get me riled--especially with my fellow Democrats. I am mad at all the Dems who have turned their backs on the ACA (Obamacare) and President Obama the minute trouble arose around the ACA roll-out.

Sure, the right will jump at the opportunity to wail and rage against it. That's their job, and that is not new. More than 40 unsuccessful attempts have been made in the House to rid the country of Obamacare. And sure, the roll-out has been rough. But it is not unprecedented, nor it fatal to health care.

It's a computer problem. A big one, for sure. But it's ultimately fixable. And it has nothing to do with the original problems that ACA is aiming to fix: the deaths of 45,000 Americans who lacked access to regular health care; medical insurance policy costs increasing at an alarming rate, 85 percent from 2000 to 2007!

Also, despite claims that "America has the best medical system in the world," outcomes say otherwise. Worldwide, the U.S. is 14th in preventable deaths, 31st in life expectancy, 28th in infant mortality and 24th in overall health. It turns out that the only thing we are No. 1 in is bankruptcies caused by medical bills, even though 75 percent of those filing have health insurance.

Democrats and those who have seen the wisdom and compassion behind the ACA, please take a second to consider the big picture. It's not the end of the world as we know it. It will be fixed. Remember that Romneycare had only 123 people sign up in the first month of its rollout, but now boasts nearly 100 percent coverage of the people of Massachusetts.

The reasons behind having the ACA still exist and are as compelling as ever. Let's not lose sight of that. OK?

Virginia L. Downie