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'Serve, protect, inspire' without Taser, please

Date published: 12/3/2013

'Serve, protect, inspire' without Taser, please

This is from the Fredericksburg Police Department's website:

"Mission Statement: To Serve. Protect. Inspire.

"The mission of the Fredericksburg Police Department is to protect the right of all citizens to live in peace and safety by enforcing the law and maintaining social order, and by protecting property from unlawful destruction and theft. The department seeks to enhance the quality of life in our city through problem solving strategies and community partnerships."

Regarding the 42-second Taser discharge against a passenger in a vehicle that allegedly struck some parked cars in downtown Fredericksburg recently, I for one am not inspired. I respectfully suggest that the department's "problem solving strategies" undergo review and rewrite.

I do not marginalize the severity and gravity of the property destruction and all concomitant unlawful outcomes. However, if investigation supports this initial report, I believe the alleged attacker (i.e., the police officer) is incapable of managing authority and should find another line of work.

I would prefer that this officer not be permitted to play with Tasers, firearms or other implements used in the forceful exercise of police powers.

Ted Kamieniak