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Owen fights straw men, not 'the right'

Date published: 12/3/2013

Owen fights straw men, not 'the right'

Karen Owen establishes herself as a fellow traveler of the left's agenda as she excoriates anyone who would question the rapidly expanding welfare and entitlement state being offered to us by our current administration and congressional majority ["Compassion and the right: WWCD?" Nov. 24].

In the America she describes, "we" (her euphemism for the right) hate the poor, homosexuals, panhandlers and, yes, the Founding Fathers--including by the way, Franklin, who said that the best we could do for the poor is to not make them too comfortable in their poverty.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. We became a great nation by expecting that everyone would take responsibility for his or her own life, and we do a pretty good job at social safety nets for those who really struggle.

Not wanting a single-payer health care system, for example, or a government funded job for everyone, doesn't define hard-heartedness as she would have us believe.

She's entitled to her opinion, of course, but when she uses rhetorical straw men to demonize the motives of everyone who disagrees with her positions, she forfeits her claim to be taken seriously.

In fact, those who disagree with her decidedly statist views of our nation do so for the most part because they believe that civilizations attempting to cure all ills through government usually fail, bringing misery and tyranny on everyone in the process.

If Owen wants a debate on the issues we face today, bring it on. But just calling anyone who disagrees with her nasty names won't get her a seat at the table.

Barry Schaeffer