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A 'thank you' to the city from Sheriff Higgs

Date published: 12/5/2013

A 'thank you' to the city from Sheriff Higgs

Thank you, Fredericksburg. I have had the privilege of serving as sheriff for the city of Fredericksburg since 1999. Even more special than that has been my life in Fredericksburg since 1954. I was born in Fredericksburg and attended the public schools here in town. After high school I became a police officer and then a deputy sheriff. I have worked at the Firestone on Jefferson Davis Highway and have raised my family in our city. Both my children, Megan and Joseph, are proud alumni of James Monroe High.

Over the past year I was reminded of why Fredericksburg holds such an engrained and special place in my heart and my life. I walked the neighborhoods of the city, meeting residents; was invited into homes and businesses to discuss issues facing the city; and participated in forums, telling residents what I have done as a public servant, what my plans are for the Sheriff's Office and answering questions.

There is a very important part of the political process that often is forgotten after an election, and that is the candidate connecting to the electorate. In my experience, there is no better way for an official to get to know his community and for the community to get to know him.

I am reminded that I serve more than 20,000 residents each with different needs and wants. I am reminded of my responsibility and of the quality of work necessary to accomplish that. Thank you, Fredericksburg, for entrusting me with another term.

Paul Higgs