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Compassion deficit is plaguing our country

Date published: 12/6/2013

Compassion deficit is plaguing our country

Viewpoints Editor Karen Owen's column on Christian duty in the Nov. 24 Free Lance-Star really is a challenge on how to get compassion back into our people.

I have been told by many citizens, and I agree, that our country is fear-based. We do seem to be pessimistic about the future enough to question whether we have enough to spare for the needy.

Our greed is evidenced by the idea of "no more taxes." How much more selfish can we be? We show our lack of compassion for the general good. Consider that, for some, cutting welfare, food stamps and other programs for the needy is an appropriate way to begin reducing our deficit.

I strongly believe that the ballot box can be the way for the public to return to the old ways that were not so negative toward the less fortunate in our country.

Fear is ruling so very much of how we function. Fear separates us from others, unless they are friends. We are encouraged to be cautious. We seem to have lost trust in almost anything. Security is the modern emphasis that kills compassion, and the insurance industry is benefiting tremendously as it sells its wares.

At the top in our country, in Congress, there is tremendous effort to disrupt progress by lack of national compassion for negotiating any resolutions. I believe that is where we need to begin--that is, to vote to replace those who are opposed to negotiating, whether Republican or Democrat.

Howard V. Yarus