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Hunters carry on an age-old tradition

Date published: 12/6/2013

Hunters carry on an age-old tradition

In response to Ms. Whiteaker ["Why do men enjoy killing animals?" Nov. 29], I'd like to ask, "Why do women like to shop?"

Men, for thousands of years, have hunted. That's what we do. Even though some like the sport of it, I don't know of one hunter who kills just to take a picture and tosses the meat. We men are hunters just as ladies are gatherers. That's why most love to shop; it's another way of gathering.

I am a hunter, and my wife and I love venison. We consumed four deer last year. We didn't have all of our meat killed for us and sold to us in neat little packages as you get at the grocery store. Everyone today is all about "free range." Well, you can't get any more free range than a deer.

Also, if you wear anything plastic, then you are using an oil byproduct that causes toxic deaths for animals. And don't forget about the many deer that are killed by cars on the road! Most die in agony while they lie in a ditch because the driver was "in a hurry" and couldn't take the time to call someone to take care of the animal.

We, as humans, kill many creatures without even thinking about it, but when I hunt, it isn't just for the sport of killing, it is for the food.

So I will ask, is it better to pay the butcher to kill a cow so you can have beef for the table or for me to hunt for my meat in a humane way? I am a hunter, as were my ancestors. I eat what I hunt, and it is out of necessity for me to provide my family with wholesome, pure meat.

Ken Whitley

King George