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Hunting is about more than just killing

Date published: 12/6/2013

I would like to respond to Betty Whiteaker's Nov. 29 letter titled "Why do men enjoy killing animals?"

I'd like to share my views with Ms. Whiteaker and others who don't understand "why."

Hunting is about more than killing. It's about being outside watching nature at its best. It's also a time for bonding with others (wives, children and friends) and sharing what we saw or what we learned.

I started hunting at age 4, right here in Spotsylvania; my father taught me this family tradition. Though he is gone now, my memories and things he taught me are not. These memories and things are being handed down to my children today.

If granted a chance at a game animal in season, I might pull the trigger but not always. If I do, I'll have some good food and I'll share some with others who are less fortunate.

Still not understanding? If anyone eats beef, chicken, pork or fish from the market, which I do, Lord knows it isn't a free-range environment with a chance of survival, but instead it's a 100 percent guaranteed slaughter.

Thousands of game animals survive every year, where the farm-raised must go when their number is called. It's the circle of life.

I hope I've enlightened some readers, and I may have enraged some. I'd like to thank all warriors who have served and are serving us now for giving me the freedoms I love. Hunting, in my case, isn't a "sport" but a way of life.

Ms. Whiteaker and I do agree on one thing: Put those beautiful buck pictures on the "front page of the sports section," because it's the first section I look at.

Bryon Batton