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Hunting puts food on this family's table

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Date published: 12/8/2013

Hunting puts food on this family's table

This letter is in reference to Betty Whiteaker's Nov. 29 letter ["Why do men enjoy killing animals?"].

I am assuming that Ms. Whiteaker is a vegetarian based on her reference to killing animals. As this may be a choice for her, the choice to eat meat is a choice that my family has made. My husband is a deer hunter and hunts ethically.

The sport reference to hunting is biased. Men and women have been hunting and eating meat for centuries--not for sport, but for survival.

We fill our freezer with deer meat every year, and take pride in the ability to provide our own meat. The meat is organic and healthful, and the animal was not mistreated in a slaughterhouse.

My advice to Ms. Whiteaker is that a little more research into an obviously unknown topic would be a good thing. To The Free Lance-Star, thank you for recognizing deer hunting, not as a sport, but as a way to feed a family.

Laurel Peterman