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Women enjoy hunting, too!

Date published: 12/8/2013

Women enjoy hunting, too!

Betty Whiteaker, in "Why do men enjoy killing animals?" [Nov. 29], exhibits the liberal bias that plagues too many people in this country.

In her comments, she fails to recognize that more than 11 percent of the country's hunters are women and that their numbers are up 25 percent since 2006. Furthermore, women contribute $5.9 billion to the country's economy.

It is not just men who enjoy the sport! Women enjoy "killing deer" as well. For many, it is a chance to provide their family with food and not rely on the government for subsistence.

I hope The Free Lance-Star will continue to run articles and show pictures of those who help our soldiers and who help manage deer populations to keep a healthy herd size.

By the way, my wife thinks I just like to go look at deer, and not harvest them, as evidenced by the lack of my ability to fill the freezer. She might be right! But I enjoy my experiences just the same.

Dwayne S. Dehlbom