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'An old Girl Scout' weighs in on Donnie

Date published: 12/12/2013

'An old Girl Scout' weighs in on Donnie

I am an old Girl Scout, the daughter and stepdaughter of Korean-era Army veterans, the sister of a pre-Vietnam-era Marine, the widow of a Vietnam combat Army vet, and the wife of a Vietnam-era Air Force vet.

For the past eight years I have been privileged to be one of "those bikers" Donnie Johnston wrote about in his Dec. 6 column. I am extremely offended on so many levels.

As a youth, I marched in the Memorial Day parade to the town cemetery to honor those who gave their lives for our freedom. As a grandmother, I have ridden in the Some Gave All Ride to honor the young men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice. I have also ridden on the Toy Run for Childhelp after filling the wish lists of children residing at the Village in Lignum. When I could not ride, my family stood with me by the side of the road on State Route 208 as "the bikers" rode by. We stood there to honor those they rode for.

Shame on Donnie Johnston!

Susan Young