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Tickets left sour taste with downtown visitor

Date published: 12/13/2013

Tickets left sour taste with downtown visitor

A funny thing happened on the way to support Small Business Saturday:

On that day, my wife and I and visiting children and grandchildren went to downtown Fredericksburg to shop. We ate lunch at Brock's, and our grandchildren wanted a luscious dessert.

So I thought of the Colonial Cupcake business. We had to move our vehicle. Being unable to find any nearby parking, we parked in the Executive Building lot, as we knew the building was closed.

Upon returning from our cupcake venture (about 10 minutes) we were rewarded with two $25 parking tickets.

I spoke with the officer as he was writing them, but he was unwilling to change his mind or to listen.

Thank you, Fredericksburg. I hope the $50 helps your local merchants because we won't venture there anymore. And how about at least using an American-made vehicle for your parking enforcement?

Wayne McIntosh