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Don't expect high-speed service in rural areas

Date published: 12/17/2013

Don't expect high-speed service in rural areas

Once again folks are complaining about the lack of Internet access and service speed for those who live in rural areas and on the edge of civilization. Get off it, folks. You can't have everything!

First, when you chose to live in outlying or rural areas you did so in the full knowledge that services taken for granted in the town and city are not available out in the country. You have a well for your water needs. You have a septic system instead of sanitary sewer access. Odds are you you either burn your trash or haul it to the dump yourself. Telephone, cable and Internet access are limited at best.

Again, you chose to live there!

Second, cable and Internet service providers are in business to make money--this means that there is a demand for their services that will adequately cover the high installation and infrastructure costs. Where that demand exists, they provide service.

High-speed Internet access is available all over the area, where there is demand for it. If distance from the road is an issue, then people must be prepared to pay the telephone company or service provider to run the cable.

Mark Hurst