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Christmas brings out our better natures

Date published: 12/25/2013

Christmas has come, once again, despite the negative efforts to diminish and eliminate its existence over the last decade.

Regardless, it still comes and brings its blessings and renewal to the world. While here, it inspires people, almost like magic, to greater acts of kindness and selflessness.

No other holiday or celebration affects the world like Christmas. This is proved by the increase, during the holiday, of charitable contributions, donations to food banks, additional shelters to clothe and feed the hungry, toys for disadvantaged children and people sharing their holiday dinner with the homeless.

Christmas must smile as it quietly illustrates what greater good we are capable of and how we do this with our kindness and compassion for others. It shows us these acts of love so we experience them firsthand and thereby learn how to unite ourselves as a community and enrich our individual lives.

When the New Year rings in and Christmas is over, our thoughts will center on resolutions we can make to improve our quality of life.

Perhaps one resolution to consider is to wake up each day remembering the acts of kindness we experienced during the Christmas season, then use that inspired memory to do at least one good deed throughout the day. It's a simple plan for achieving a caring society that has the ability to become a worldwide rebirth.

That is the true meaning of Christmas, and the reason it is safeguarded with the beautiful greeting, "Merry Christmas."

Marion A Steinbronn