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Please tell us what the ACA will cost us

Date published: 12/31/2013

Please tell us what the ACA will cost us

Let's put an end to the months of speculation about the Affordable Care Act. Our government seems to have scads of information on every individual citizen. It is hoped that by now it should know just what costs ACA involves.

For the new year, I would like to see the Congressional Budget Office release information on just what the ACA will cost the following types of citizens:

A young couple starting out, the wife is expecting and doesn't work, the husband has an entry-level job and a few college loans; on average, how much would they earn? What will they pay per month for, say, medium coverage? What kind of deductible and co-pay will they face? What will the baby cost them? What kind of subsidies will they receive? Bear in mind, that the couple must pay cash from their paycheck for coverage. The subsidies will be in the form of tax credits.

Same information for a middle-class family of five.

A middle class retired couple. Included in this should be information on the cost of the different types of plans: gold, silver, etc.

People need to know just what they face from this law. If the government could pass a 2,000-page bill and not provide this kind of information, they need to go back to the drawing board and regroup. They should also have a plan to accommodate the millions whose health insurance was canceled in anticipation of this plan.

Pat Phillips