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Thankful for aid of a good Samaritan

Date published: 1/3/2014

Recently I was on my way to pick up some furniture in Massaponax. I was waiting at the stop sign below the hill at Walmart and U.S. 17. My vehicle was running rough, and I was hopeful I could get to my destination.

I hit the next traffic light near the Wawa and the same thing happened. I was able to get off the road. My vehicle had done this once before, and to me it appeared to be moisture in the gas. A fellow suggested I try Walmart. I will turn 70 this month and of course it was a pretty good walk.

When I arrived at the Walmart, a fellow who worked in the automotive section gave me some gas treatment. There was a young fellow standing behind me in line, and I asked him if he had ever used this treatment. He said he had.

I told him I had walked from the Wawa and asked him if by chance he might be headed that way. He offered to take me there, then helped me try to get the vehicle started. Obviously it was something beyond moisture in the tank.

This young man graciously called for a wrecker. There was no one that I went to on a regular basis for car repair, so I asked him if he knew anyone. He said his girlfriend's parents were in the car business.

Again, I had to intrude on his time to call and see if they could take the vehicle. I was pulling a trailer as well. Shortly after, they called back suggesting a wrecker service.

Not once did this young man look upon me as a burden. I am most grateful to this young man, Matthew Branhan. What a nice feeling it is to be on the receiving end of such help.

Ross A. Peot