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Why would the Owens want disastrous socialism?

Date published: 1/6/2014

Why would the Owens want disastrous socialism?

I have a recommendation for Howard Owen and Karen Owen. Take a timeout from your daily onslaught of why we all should become good socialists and Democrats.

Take a hard look at the economies of the states of California and Illinois, and the cities of Chicago and Detroit. The Democratic Party has total political control and is able to put into practice all their feel-good tax-and-spend policies, their social programs and anything else a good socialist would want.

Please explain why Virginians should want bankruptcy, high unemployment, suffocating taxes, a poor business environment, high crime and murder rates, abysmal opportunities for their kids and bankrupt municipal and state retirement systems, for the sake of saying, "Well, we really do care, and our hearts were in the right place."

James Sherrill