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Celebrate religious--and personal--freedom

Date published: 1/6/2014

Once again, the Fredericksburg Coalition of Reason will march in the Jan. 12 Religious Freedom event sponsored by Knights of Columbus.

Respect for the rights of all people to make their own decisions regarding whether or not to worship a deity is every bit as important as all other rights in the Constitution. That some may reject the notion of a spirit world should not hinder the free exercise of those who embrace it, and vice versa.

As in each previous year we have marched, we have requested (not demanded) representation at the ceremony at the Religious Freedom Monument. We consider ourselves guests of the Knights.

This year, the request carried more mean-ing as we have an invited guest in town for the occasion. A leading advocate of religious freedom, the Rev. Barry Lynn, has agreed to speak.

Sadly, our request for a place at the ceremony was ignored. We found this perplexing. While some people may disagree with the Rev. Lynn's political positions, he is far closer to the organizers in terms of theology than to the members of FredCoR.

Our enthusiasm for celebrating personal liberty is by no means dampened. After the events at the Religious Freedom Monument, we will all meet at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library auditorium on Caroline Street, where Barry Lynn will be our guest speaker. The public is invited to attend.

Matt Jordan


Mr. Jordan is media representative for FredCoR.