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Why can't we solve our immigration problems?

Date published: 1/10/2014

Why can't we solve our immigration problems?

To refuse to find a prudent and effective way to deal with our immigration problems is beyond comprehension.

As an immigrant, and a citizen of this country, I am disturbed by the fact that in this great nation, made up of immigrants who contribute to its growth, development and prosperity, Congress--some of whom are descendants of immigrants--can find no responsible way to resolve this issue.

The deportation of parents of American-born children creates a situation that is bound to destroy the core value of a family unit. One has to ask: Where is our compassion as a nation?

I propose a moratorium on the deportation of families with American-born children under the age of 18. That would be the moral thing to do until a responsible political solution can be found.

Aston Haughton