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Affordable Care Act insults our intelligence

Date published: 1/12/2014

Affordable Care Act insults our intelligence

The Obamacare "Un" Affordable Care Act rollout has been a disaster. Its monstrous bureaucracy has done more harm than good.

The premise of the act defining and mandating what is and is not adequate coverage implies that we are not smart enough to choose what coverage we need.

It was touted as bringing health insurance costs down. Instead, costs have skyrocketed. It was supposed to have brought the uninsured under the insurance umbrella. It has instead caused nearly 6 million to lose their insurance because their policies didn't meet the mandated minimum coverage--such as a couple, 50-plus years of age, with two sons over 18 years of age, having to carry maternity, pediatric and birth control coverage.

There were about 41 million without health insurance. To date, they have spent in excess of $600 million to implement or fix the enrollment system.

Yes, we needed to reform the way health care was insured and regulated. We didn't get it. We got abuse of power that unconstitutionally restructured the best health care system in the world with mandates, taxes and punitive penalties.

We needed tort reform so our medical practitioners could concentrate on curative medicine rather than defensive medicine. That would have immediately lowered costs.

We needed regulation that would've removed interstate barriers to competition. We needed regulation to prevent bureaucrats from making medical decisions based on cost-benefit analysis.

We must scrap the current act and not retool what exists or it will become worse than it is. We must replace it with the reforms outlined above. Remember the axiom: "Physician, do no harm."

William M. Santina