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Don't dumb down the Marine Corps!

Date published: 1/12/2014

Don't dumb down the Marine Corps!

Having just read about the Marine Corps postponement for a year of the female recruits' personal fitness test pull-up requirements, I am looking at how once again we are dumbing down this country.

Also, as a former Marine, I am aghast that it could happen to my Corps! In my day if you could not pass a personal fitness test, you went to a physical conditioning platoon until you could.

Come on: This is the Marine Corps, not the Girl Scouts. Do you think our enemies are reducing training standards ? I don't.

I also remember a sign above my drill instructor's door that said, "Let no man's ghost say 'if only my training was a little better'."

I think that we owe it to our young men and women to hold them to high standards, not lower ones.

James Rosson

Ruther Glen