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Great doctors, hospital

Date published: 1/19/2014

Great doctors, hospital

When my husband and I retired to Locust Grove in 2009, I never imagined that I would need four major surgeries in 11 months. These surgeries took place from November 2012 to October 2013 at Mary Washington Hospital. I had a total of 24 inpatient days plus nine days of rehab after my knee surgery. I received excellent care at MWH from all health care personnel involved in caring for me. They all cared in a concerned and professional manner and made this miserable year bearable.

My general surgeon, Dr. Tedla Tessama, and my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kurt Larson, and all of their colleagues in Surgical Specialists and Orthopedic Specialty Clinic deserve a public thanks for their expert care. Mary Washington Hospital is fortunate to have so many competent and caring physicians and other health care personnel on their staff. We are fortunate to have chosen a retirement community where we have good health care close by. My primary physician and all of my specialists have given me great care over my five years here in the Fredericksburg community.

Sally Lyddane

Locust Grove