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Tax code is government snooping on steroids

Date published: 1/22/2014

Tax code is government snooping on steroids

John W. Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute, in his Jan. 15 comment ["Welcome to the electronic concentration camp"] lists some of the most important and frightening ways in which governments track citizens' actions, interests and activities.

But Mr. Whitehead failed to mention the most hated tracking institution in America: the infamous Internal Revenue Service. Anything involving your money the IRS is going to find out about, one way or another, if it can.

One significant problem is the Federal Tax Code. This law consisted of about 400 pages in the early 20th century. But today the U.S. Tax Code is well over 71,000 pages.

No one, not even the most informed tax "experts" are going to know all of the details of this incredibly long document. And certainly the ordinary taxpayer, who never sees, or wants to see, the code, will remain in the dark.

And yet there is a legal rule that "ignorance of the law" is no excuse when filing a tax statement or defending oneself in a legal challenge about your taxes.

Heck, you can be sure that the legislators who created this immoral and monstrous tax code, don't even know a fraction of the details about the tax laws that they, or previous legislators, voted for.

If I were a candidate for president I would promise to do everything possible to get rid of the unbelievably complex, discriminatory and unconstitutional tax code and call for a one-page law that simply required all businesses, corporations, citizens and people living in the U.S. to pay a 5 percent tax on all income from all sources. Absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

Although, according to Mr. Whitehead, we are already living in an electronic concentration camp, at least one is still free enough to dream in America.

Thomas Johnson