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Smart people disagree on climate change

Date published: 1/22/2014

Your editorial "Rough weather ahead" [Jan. 17] finally convinced me that the new norm on your pages will be discourse expected of the typical race-class-gender degree graduate student.

That said, let's assume you are right and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report is not specious or politically motivated and that climate change is a real problem caused by human beings.

So what is the Al Gore/Free Lance-Star solution? Is it to lecture and hector middle-class Americans--who are barely reproducing at replacement levels--to change their ways and live the way the left wants them to live?

Of course it is. Climate change hysteria draws much of its energy from its use as political leverage by the left to put the average knuckle-dragger's mind right and move America closer to a Utopian existence.

Is it all about demanding we cut back on energy usage to "save the planet" and go more "green"? You mean like the United Kingdom and Germany, who have finally realized they have gone down the wrong path with wind and solar and now risk blackouts?

Or, should we throw more money at Obama's friends in the green snake-oil industry?

How about Mr. Carbon Footprint himself? Let me know when he starts using swamp coolers and riding a bike.

If you are going to mock climate change skeptics, then provide balance by citing the opinions of experts and not entertainers. For every fraudster like Michael Mann and Al Gore, there are serious scientists who hold legitimate opposing views. More importantly, tell us what we should do about those pesky humans.

Paul S. Cariker