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Admit it: Certain breeds are more dangerous

Date published: 1/23/2014

Admit it: Certain breeds are more dangerous

This is in response to the letter on Jan. 19: "If a dog behaves badly, blame the owner, not the breed."

Just once I would love to hear a pit bull owner admit that their beloved breed bites, maims and kills more people than any other breed on the planet! There is a preponderance of evidence to support this.

Sure, there are sweet pit bulls out there. I've met several, and they're beautiful dogs. But trained or untrained, the pit bull breed has the propensity to do more damage than all other breeds.

I own a husky mix that has a potential mean streak in her. Husky mixes are in the top five on the same list that the pit bull leads. The majority of the time she's an angel, but I don't trust her completely around strangers and small children.

I admit it and own it. I urge pit bull owners to own the fact that just like my husky mix, aggression is in their dogs' DNA. Until they do, they'll always be at or near the top of that infamous list.

Shane Young