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'Rigged' was a poor choice of word

Date published: 1/23/2014

'Rigged' was a poor choice of word

I am writing in reference to the Jan. 19 article titled "Canstruction entrants exhibit a can-do spirit."

I am thrilled that you spoke about Rocky Run Elementary School's can-raising efforts and the overall success of the Canstruction food drive; however, I was disheartened when you suggested that Rocky Run's staff somehow "rigged" the voting contest. "Rigged" certainly has negative connotations. Webster's Dictionary uses the words "manipulative, deceptive and dishonest" in its definition of "rigged."

We received donations from an awesome Rocky Run staff and their families. Yes, we donated a lot of cans at one time, but there is nothing dishonest about that. I am saddened that you would think that by our donating a huge amount of food to the area food bank that you would get the impression that we were acting in that manner. As educators, we teach our students that "words have meaning, make sure you use the right words." It seems to me that the word "rigged" was a poor choice when talking about canned-food donations from children and teachers.

As we talked about our Canstruction efforts, I wanted to convey how Rocky Run's staff and their families have been supportive in our efforts to raise donations for the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank. They have come together to rally around our children, all while supporting a good cause. The rest of the article was very positive, and I hope that aspect shines through to your readers.

Amanda Dorazio