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'Submission'? Please, think again

Date published: 1/24/2014

'Submission'? Please, think again

I am writing in response to Heather Ablondi's column, ["Bible's view of 'submission'," Jan. 18]. I pray you print my reply.

In Ms. Ablondi's column, she states that a wife should be submissive to her husband because Genesis tells us that God created man first and because Paul directs a wife to be submissive to her husband in Ephesians.

I would like to point out to Ms. Abondi that Genesis 1:27 tells us that God created man and woman at the same time, "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." Also, Paul tells us in Romans 16 that many women are leaders in the church. He does not portray them as subservient.

When a man and woman get married, they become partners in life. One does not dominate the other. My wife and I may butt heads more than we would if we were in a master-slave relationship, but we are both equals. I may have to wear a hat on my head when I go out in public to hide the knots on my head, but I will be damned if I am going to submit.

Jerre Hale