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For this student, home-schooling works best

Date published: 1/24/2014

For this student, home-schooling works best

I recently read an article written by home-schooled graduates. Some of them had a negative experience and some were even abused. What happened in their homes was terrible, and the parents were wrong to treat their children that way. But for me and a lot of others, home-schooling has been fantastic and we don't want to learn any other way.

I am 14, and I have been home-schooled my whole life. I love home-schooling for many reasons. I get to learn subjects at my own pace.

My class hours are very flexible, which allow me to take advantage of events that might be happening during normal class hours. If a curriculum is not helping me learn in the best way, my teacher (mom) can buy a different curriculum next year. Or if we're lucky, we can borrow one from another home-schooling family.

It is not just me who prefers home-schooling. I have known many home-schooled children, and nearly all of them want to stay home-schooled, and they love it for a lot of the same reasons I do.

Samuel Morgan