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Hospitals have a reason to expand Medicaid

Date published: 1/24/2014

Hospitals have a reason to expand Medicaid

Of course hospitals are pushing Virginia to expand Medicaid. It's all about the money! In 2012 the federal government spent about $251 billion on Medicaid, in 2013 they spent about $267 billion and in 2014 they are poised to spend about $314 billion, according to the OMB. About 57 percent of this is covered through federal payroll taxes and premiums and about 43 percent comes from the general revenues. These amounts do not include the tens of billions of dollars states spend annually, which increases every year.

The system is broken, and throwing more money at it will serve only to enrich medical corporations and the politicians who support them. If we are to continue down this path, all taxpayers will be paying a lot more in taxes now or they will be paying a lot more later to service the debt our politicians have shackled us to. Let's stop this financial madness now!

Ed Wezain