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Will we become victim to the 'hunger games'?

Date published: 1/26/2014

Will we become victim to the 'hunger games'?

As other citizens and I used to be comforted by a government we could trust, a religious faith that adored its Creator and a family that was solid bedrock, I encountered a message in the parking lot of a store that read as follows:

Forget your voting for you cannot win! As there is no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, much less Libertarians or even Independents; because there is no real loser in politics since all factions are married to the same master on one hand and if not at least beholden to the other on the other hand.

So, of course you feel you've lost because you indeed have; and as for myself I no longer care anymore; because, you and I are the prize; it's all a game you see.

This makes "The Hunger Games" not a mere book or movie but undeniable testament to We, the people, who have become lab rats for the political elite. Now I understand why my letters to a political party were trashed and why I was purged from their mailing list.

The establishment is the Holy Grail, reason for the tea party's disdain.

Who decides who they will aid and defend? Sometimes it is more comfortable to stay on the sidelines and allow your enemy to assail, cripple or destroy, so as not to soil your hands or reputation.

The good book says: "A nation without vision perishes." But know in your heart, a people without holy conviction become doomed.

G. Dunbar Moomaw