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Some sympathy for former governor

Date published: 1/31/2014

Some sympathy for former governor

I feel sorry for Bob McDonnell. His accomplishments will be forever overshadowed and his reputation ruined.

His wife, Maureen, so overvalued the perishable things of this world that she neglected to give her first priority to things that cannot be bought--integrity, common sense, self-respect and values based on her responsibility as first lady of Virginia.

Is Bob McDonnell blameless? No. He enjoyed the side benefits of a pretty wife who was ambitious. Should he have vetted more thoroughly her dealings when he became governor? The answer appears to be yes.

This is not a criminal case, but one of poor judgment on a personal level by a man who should have known better than to provide fodder to those who resort to any level to cover up their own indiscretions and to direct attention away from their agenda.

Margaret Meskunas