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Some wonderful people

Date published: 2/2/2014

Some wonderful people

Recently, I was the recipient of good deeds in Fredericksburg. I am not sure if these honest people were from Fredericksburg, but I felt the need to try to thank them.

First, I lost my cellphone at an eating establishment in Central Park. Thank you to the patron who found it and turned it in. The patron tried to call our daughter to let her know the phone was lost. My husband kept trying to call the phone and, after a while, someone working at the restaurant answered.

Thank you to the honest staff on duty! My husband left Spotsylvania Towne Centre to retrieve the phone. While I was shopping, I thought I had left my phone in the car, so I had no idea all of this was going on. After shopping, I was trying to find my husband in the parking lot, not knowing why or what had happened to him. Outside one of the department stores, I asked someone for help, saying, "Could you please call my husband?"

A nice lady and her son helped. Thank you!

So it is not just one person who was nice that day, it was many who helped me. Thank you all for your kindness. I will pay it forward.

Rosemary Konior

Leonardtown, Md.