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Berea Parkway proposal must be reconsidered

Date published: 2/2/2014

Berea Parkway proposal must be reconsidered

The Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce is urging the Fredericksburg Metropolitan Planning Organization to approve a 1970s plan to build Berea Parkway.

Since the 1970s, there have been many changes in the area where this road would be built. Where there once was open country, there are now numerous houses. The alignment of the road will bisect two subdivisions that did not exist when the road was first planned. The road will follow Potomac Creek wetlands and be adjacent to Abel Lake. The resulting pollution and loss of wetlands will affect public water supplies and negatively impact the Chesapeake Bay.

New studies must be done to determine if this $235 million road is really necessary. At the very least, a better alignment plan is called for.

Robert Cramer