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Salvation for America: Only through God

Date published: 2/3/2014

Salvation for America: Only through God

In support of his letter to the editor ["A plea for repentance," Jan. 23], I would consider Dale Taylor a "watchman on the tower." In Old Testament times, these were the men stationed on the towers near the city who kept watch and warned of any imminent threats. But is time really running out?

One has only to pick up a newspaper, dial in to the news or log onto the Internet to see he is, indeed, spot on.

Worldwide there are wars, rumors of wars, increased weather disturbances, destruction of the atmosphere, civil unrest, economic upheaval, inflation, self-indulgence, indolence, greed, sexual immorality, family strife, rise of the occult and an increase in Christian persecution to name only a few of the signs mentioned in the Bible.

A full generation has been raised with no religious teaching, and unbelievers scoff at the warnings being sounded by those who have solid knowledge of biblical facts while they mock the Holy God who gives them the very air they breathe.

America's path is set and, right now, our only saving grace is our support of Israel.

To echo Mr. Taylor's message, the only safety available is found in the salvation offered in Jesus Christ. If you have a concern about unfolding events in the world, you need to find a solid, Bible-based church that teaches the Word. Fear and depression won't be an option when you understand that, though it seems everything is out of control, God is still very much in control.

Joy Nieves