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Writer just doesn't get 'submission'

Date published: 2/5/2014

Writer just doesn't get 'submission'

In response to Jerre Hale's critical letter ["'Submission'? Please, think again," Jan. 24] regarding Heather Ablondi's excellent column ["Bible's view of 'submission,'" Jan. 18], in comparing husband-wife submission to a master-slave relationship, Mr. Hale seems to interpret the Bible in some sick and abusive way.

Anyone familiar with Scripture knows that "submission" is not used in our Holy Bible in that context. Biblical service and submission, as demonstrated by Christ, is the ultimate form of love.

As the Rev. Andy Stanley has written, "The key to a successful and happy marriage is to put each other first" and for God to be a constant presence within each spouse.

"Submission" the way Mr. Hale interprets it? I think not.

Sandy Breit