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Large dogs require a measure of caution

Date published: 2/6/2014

Large dogs require a measure of caution

I walk my little sheltie around the block almost every day at various times. I have seen a couple of large dogs here and there, including one that is bigger than the small boy who is walking the dog.

After reading the article "How to react if dogs attack" [Jan. 26] and hearing about what happened to the dog owners, I will be keeping an eye out for stray, free-running dogs. Who knows if they are problem animals?

The animal control car has come around the neighborhood several times to pick up loose dogs I have reported. My husband and I have had to scare off dogs to keep them away from our little dog.

The protection tips mentioned in the newspaper offer several ways to help protect yourself and your little friend beside you. It is exercise for me and my friend, but we must be careful to always be aware.

Anna Victoria Reich