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Sunday hunting no threat to relationships

Date published: 2/6/2014

I just read Cathy Dyson's column, "Sunday hunt bill putting family time in crosshairs" [Jan. 31], with some amusement and a touch of sadness.

To think that the state must remove the temptation from someone who might leave their spouse, children or significant other for the sake of one particular recreational activity is a bit farfetched. It also indicates a deeper insecurity in a relationship that forces the commonwealth to intervene.

The fact is, hunting is often a family affair. Many men and women find quality time in the field--especially with their children--a bonding experience. If the thought that a man or a woman would forsake the other and place a marriage at risk to engage in the pleasures of the duck blind or a deer stand, imagine what might happen if "gentlemen's clubs" (otherwise known as strip joints) and bars were open and serving alcohol on Sunday. Wait! They already are.

If the state must enact legislation to preserve the family, there are probably more productive ways to go about it. Start with closing state-owned liquor stores that were recently opened on Sundays. Maybe outlaw the broadcast of sporting events such as NASCAR, the NFL, MLB and the NBA.

How I choose to spend my Sunday should not be at the discretion of the government or my neighbor as long as I am on my own property doing something that is legal the other six days of the week. If you can't keep your family together, relying on government to do it for you won't help in the end.

Jesse Baldwin